About us

About Allegiance Air

Allegiance Air, established in 2004, provides the ultimate air transport solution for your needs.

“Our commitment and allegiance to our clients as they remember an unforgettable experience when doing business with our company”

Taste a unique way of air travel

  • Non-schedule executive air charter services
  • Domestic and international destinations
  • Worldwide aircraft leasing
  • Aircraft sales
  • Aircraft maintenance

With a broad combination of expertise, Allegiance Air ensures that the correct choices are made and that costs meet your planned budget.

Allegiance Air has, with experience, established a list of top-class aircraft operators are and have developed strong relationships with preferred aircraft owners, those who have the best caliber of aircraft on offer that meet our stringent requirements of fulfilling your aviation demands.

Charter your very own aircraft!

Allegiance Air is an aviation Company with it’s head office at Lanseria International Airport, Johannesburg. We hold both non-scheduled international and domestic air charter licenses granted by the Department of Transport under the strict supervision of the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

Allegiance Air operate non-schedule air charter services worldwide on both turbine-engine aircraft and smaller jets through to larger intercontinental aircraft. Additionally we lease aircraft to a variety of clients from schedule carriers to mining houses.

Flights are operated upon request from our clientele, which include large businesses, mining and engineering firms, financial institutions, as well as companies within the tourism and travel industry.

Air charter cannot be compared to schedule carriers, as the aircraft and her crew is privately hired to a client who advises the number of passengers that need to travel, the time they may need to depart, and of course the destination/s to be visited.  Thereafter a price is provided based on the most suitable aircraft type for the charter.

For the business person, much can be accomplished by chartering an aircraft, as flights to distant destinations are available, enabling business goals to be achieved in a quick and efficient manner.  Site visits can be undertaken in a day, where as schedule carriers are not an option, due to, for example, limiting landing field conditions or not serviced by schedule carriers. Business benefits can be boosted by saving time with air charter and time for the business person, means money, in many instances.

Air charter is not only a business tool, but can be an immense source of pleasure.  By flying your family and/ or friends to a game lodge for an enjoyable weekend away or perhaps even a trip  to the Islands off the coast of Mozambique.
In conclusion an air charter provides you with the following benefits:

  • Access to remote areas
  • Security, discretion and privacy
  • Itinerary flexibilit
  • Multiple destinations
  • Private Environment
  • Guaranteed peace of mind

Lease your very own aircraft

If a long term project is on the cards and you may require a leased aircraft for a period of time, Allegiance Aircraft Leasing is your answer.  We are able to offer a variety of aircraft to suit your requirements, once again ranging from jets through to medium and smaller cabin commuter turbo-prop aircraft.

Allegiance Aircraft Leasing will base an aircraft of your choice at the desired destination for a period of time as required.

We will provide the full support structure in terms of operational control.  The aircraft will be manned by our qualified crew and maintained by our qualified engineer, all of whom will remain at the base where the aircraft is positioned.

With regards to Aircrew and Engineers, We will provide a team of superior, well experienced crew members and engineers with extensive time on the type on the aircraft leased.  All crew members will have had regular line checks, ongoing training and valid proficiency checks by a South African Civil Aviation approved flight examiner.  They will have familiarized themselves with the territory to which they will be operating, clearly understanding your specific requirements, as well as conducting themselves in a professional, efficient and reliable manner at all times.

When an aircraft is sent away from her base to another country a full line station will need to be established. This has to be approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority. Allegiance Air currently has leased aircraft at destinations ranging from West to East Africa as well as the Middle East and Asia.  Lease options are numerous and we are also able to service areas which are classified as a war zones for example Kabul, Afghanistan.

Own your very own aircraft

The benefits of owning an aircraft are many.  Apart from the fact that you will enjoy the flexibility of owning your own business tool, you can also receive a return on your investment from Allegiance Air as we have the infrastructure to crew, maintain and operate your aircraft on non-schedule charter flights for our clients.  We have a licensed Aircraft Operating Company as well as a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Organization and our focus is to ensure that your asset will be taken care off, with the finest attention to detail always being our main focus.

Even more financially viable, is our lease option offered on aircraft purchased, whereby the monthly installment cost can be covered by us whilst the aircraft is on lease.  In addition we provide you with the funding which is required for major maintenance provisions on the aircraft engines, undercarriage and propellers.

All the other costs are covered by Allegiance Air…..and at the end of the day you have an asset that has appreciated immensely in value and which is being paid for with the dividends from the lease fees received.

For any further information, please contact us – we will be happy to help provide you with whatever further information you may require.